9.1 collar

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TYPE: collar
TECHNIQUE: hvidsøm, square cut work
Collar with ”Hvidsøm” and square cut work unpicked from a shift. The flowers are embroidered with single or double rows of chain stitch and filled with crossstitching or square cut work fillings. In the centre, two small flowers embroidered in blanket stitch and chain stitch can be seen. The wide lace is embroidered with dense rows of Danish buttonhole stitching. Between the stitches are small holes creating stars and squared patterns. The collar’s shape and embroidery suggest that it was made in the decade 1810-1820. The collar is characteristic of ”Hvidsøm” and was made by a very skilled needlewoman.

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Please note
• The woven hem stitch and its barely visible perforated pattern caused by the collar being made of two layers of fabric
• The vertical lace along the collar’s ends was embroidered first, the horizontal lace last. Then a narrow Hedebo edge was embroidered around the whole collar
• How neatly the lace towards the neck finishes exactly at the edge of the upper hemstitch
• The embroidered ”Hvidsøm” flowers in the corners of the collar’s reverse side which are supplemented by “the chain” along its entire length.