8.4 decorative towel

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TYPE: decorative towel
TECHNIQUE: cut work Hedebo
Cut work Hedebo decorative towel. The embroidery is dominated by the initials MOD, embroidered in a rare fashion: the form of the letters is cut out of the fabric, and afterwards the holes forming the letters are filled with a net of loose Danish buttonhole stitching. This demands great skill to keep the shape of the letters. MOD stands for Marie Olsdatter. We do not know if it was herself or her mother who was the needlewoman, see textile nr. 6.1 and 6.3.

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Please note
• The centre of three of the four rosettes in the wide upper border in which a small piece of fabric is surrounded by Danish buttonhole stitching. This is not woven fabric but stitched fabric. Has this been seen anywhere else?
• That the four upper horizontal rows of hemstitch are baldyring rows
• That the lowest row of hemstitch in the wide border is a join of the two pieces of fabric of which the decorative towel is made. The join consists of scallops embroidered to both pieces of fabric and connected with beading loops
• The bought fringe is attached with small whip stitches which look like hemstitch