9.2 collar

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TYPE: collar
TECHNIQUE: hvidsøm
”Hvidsøm” collar with a Hedebo edge. The collar was unpicked from a shift. The ”Hvidsøm” embroidery is divided into two parallel borders with a narrow chain of hemstitch in between. In this piece, fillings in the outermost flowers are sewn on the fabric, instead of being in the drawn fabric. All other fillings are made by drawing threads and embroidering cross-stitching over the remaining threads. In the lower narrow border, the flowers are embroidered in satin stitch, outline stitch, and chain stitch without fillings. The Hedebo edge is very tight and firm. It is embroidered with Danish buttonhole stitching in long rows with squared holes, which form the pattern. The collar is a typical example of a collar from around 1815 embroidered by an experienced needlewoman.

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Please note
• The three rows of chain hemstitching are parallel to each other and do not continue along the collar’s ends
• The corner motif in ”Hvidsøm” on the reverse side has additional chain hemstitch, just enough to cover the width of the corner embroidery
• The small chain stitch flowers at the centre of the narrow border’s eight-leafed flowers
• The tulip motif in the narrow embroidered border