1.1 shirt

1.1 skjorte

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TYPE: shirt


TECHNIQUE: counted thread work



Shirt with counted thread work on shoulders, cuffs and front. The short cuff pieces are made separately and sewn onto the shirt later. The pattern of stars with eight points and diagonal stripes with small squares is typical of counted thread work. The metal buttons did not originally belong to the cuffs. A counted thread work border has been sewn along the opening on the front of the shirt which copies the patterns from the middle of the shoulder piece.The opening ends in a bar which resembles a Hedebo edge. The collar is finished with needle lace consisting of dense rows of Danish buttonhole stitch and scallops.

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Please note

•    how “the chain”, which frames the borders along the opening, merges into blanket stitch around the lace eyelets in the corners
•    the fine wrinkles at the top of the sleeve, which are held in place by  smocking and  chain stitch
•    the delicate pleats and two rows of back stitching, with knots between the rows, on the cuffs
•    the embroidery on the small lobe at the bottom of each of the side  slits