11 ice crystals

11 iskrystaller

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TYPE: snow crystals
TECHNIQUE: Hedebo rings
A Hedebo needle lace study group at Greve Museum has made these 30 different snow crystals. All the crystals are based on Hedebo rings, but in most cases the original circular shape of the rings has been drawn into other shapes, e.g. the point of a star. The Hedebo rings are held together with needle lace. The snow crystals are an example of how old techniques can inspire new shapes, and subjects which fit the society they are made in. Thus the snow crystals follow the embroideries of earlier times, which went from being the decoration on old peasant textiles to become ornaments on textiles and dress collars used by city dwellers from the end of the 19th century to the first half of the 20th century.

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Please note
• The crystal embroideries are inspired by the book “Snow Crystals” from 1831
• All ice crystals are naturally six-pointed. The needlewomen have purposely not kept to the tradition of the eight-pointed stars of Hedebo Embroidery
• Some of the rings are decorated with points, beading loops and picots