8.3 decorative towel

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TYPE: decorative towel
TECHNIQUE: cut work Hedebo
Cut work Hedebo decorative towel. The embroidery is a fine example of early cut work Hedebo, where the tradition of having horizontal borders framed with H hemstitching is preserved. Despite the great openness of the stitching, the embroidery is solidly worked and the different fillings in the spaces show a great proficiency and an experienced needlewoman. In the centre of the wide border is the monogram. The rest of the border consists mainly of open rosettes formed by droplike spaces.

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Please note
• The narrow border with a row of ‘hexagonal’ wheels, each consisting of triangular spaces with points and beading loops
• The letters and date of the monogram were made of Hedebo rings joined with beading loops
• The small round spaces in the lower border have a cross bar of thread stitching, apparently held together in the middle by a ‘spider’. They are, however, small Danish buttonhole stitches. The ‘spider’ appears later in Hedebo embroidery
• The leaves in the fourpointed stars in the corners are decorated with blanket stitch wheels