9.8 collar

9.8 krave

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TYPE: collar
TECHNIQUE: Hedebo rings
Cut off shift collar with stitched needle lace. The shape indicates that this is a shift collar from around 1850. Besides the needle lace there are no decorations on the collar. The needle lace is made up of few elements: Hedebo rings, diagonal scallops, and beading loops all made of Danish buttonhole stitch. The Hedebo rings dominate the collar’s look. The centre border consists of rosettes, each made of six rings. Inside each ring a point is embroidered. The centre of the rosettes, like the outer row of Hedebo rings, is filled with beading loops. Tight beading loops are embroidered between the rosettes.

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Please note
• The Danish buttonhole stitches are very regular
• At the edges, large and small scallops alternate, spanning from wheel to wheel. The large scallops are finished with beading loops and small scallops. The small scallops are decorated with picots
• 258 Hedebo rings were used for the needle lace. Experiments have shown that it takes 10 minutes for an experienced needlewoman to produce one Hedebo ring, so the production of rings alone, before they were stitched together, would take 43 hours