9.7 collar

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TYPE: collar
TECHNIQUE: baldyring
Cut off collar embroidered with ”Baldyring” and surrounded with a Hedebo edge. The pattern on the two layers of fabric consists of a pomegranate in each corner and a narrow, tightly stitched border. A number of stiletto holes can be seen both alongside the vines and in the centre of the flowers, and also in the corner motifs on the narrow border. Between the two borders is “the chain” of hemstitch. The Hedebo edge consists of both a solid and an open part. In the solid part, rows of Danish buttonhole stitch alternate with larger and smaller square spaces. The open part of the lace contains a row of Hedebo rings. This may mean the collar is either a late ”Baldyring”, or that the collar’s open part was added later when larger collars became fashionable in the middle of the 19th century.

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Please note
• The chainstitch flowers in the large corner motif and around the ”Baldyring” fillings
• That the square spaces in the narrow border are filled with a cross bar of threads which is repeated in the solid part of the lace
• The small scallops at the end of the binding ribbons
• The tight row of picots finishing the small scallops