9.6 collar

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TYPE: collar
TECHNIQUE: baldyring
Collar with ”Baldyring” . The collar was unpicked from a shirt and was cut so that it fitted better around the neck. The ”Baldyring” ’s net is characterised by large square spaces filled with needle lace. There are woven ‘columns’ over the remaining treads between the spaces, thus making it look like double rows. The ”Baldyring” has this in common with e.g. Norwegian Hardanger needle lace, and double cut work from Amager. The collar is embroidered with needle lace on the edges.

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Please note
• The ”Baldyring” pattern is created by squares filled in four different ways: squares with an open scallop, squares with open beading loops, squares with a triangle of Danish buttonhole stitching, and squares with a large point on top of the beading loops
• The embroidered needle lace work consists of 26 half circles, each made of rings with one point inside, and held together with beading loops
• The corner of the needle lace is made of five instead of four rings
• How neatly the scallops on the edge of the embroidery make the change from ”Baldyring” to needle lace