9.3 collar

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TYPE: collar
TECHNIQUE: baldyring
Collar with ”Baldyring” embroidery and a Hedebo edge. The collar may have been unpicked from a shift and seamed with a narrow hem. The embroidery consists of a large pomegranate- shaped ”Baldyring” in each corner. The squares of the ”Baldyring” are relatively small and filled with crosses and blanket stitch wheels. Between the pomegranates, a flower is embroidered in satin stitch and whip stitch, plus there are two leaf-shaped motifs with ”Hvidsøm” fillings of diagonal crossstitch, stiletto holes, and satin stitch. The needle lace consists of dense rows of Danish buttonhole stitching, and the pattern is made by the small holes in the rows.

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Please note
• The three squares in the square cut work in the corner motif which help make a sharp corner
• The whipped hemstitch along the whole length of the collar’s embroidery. Traditionally, hemstitching was embroidered in horizontal lines without corners
• The innumerable picots on the edge of the scallops finishing the collar
• That the collar might have changed during the process, as the lace, apparently, was taken from another collar and attached to this with long overcast stitching as seen on the reverse side