8.1 “knædug”

8.1 knædug

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TYPE: knædug
TECHNIQUE: Cut work Hedebo
Cut work Hedebo ”knædug”. Very richly embroidered ”knædug” with characteristic flowers in cut work Hedebo. The monogram is formed by Hedebo rings joined with needle lace. MLD refers to Maren Larsdatter, born in 1837 in Reerslev. In both the upper and lower border the typical tulip of cut work Hedebo can be seen. This cut work Hedebo embroidery has very limited satin stitching and outline stitching.

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Please note
• The two pieces of hemstitching are embroidered as ”Baldyring”, where each square space contains two scallops, held together at the centre
• How the Danish buttonhole stitches in the letter D of the initials are turned to follow the shape
• How some of the cut around spaces are filled with embroidery while others are empty. The empty ones are embroidered as in Broderie Anglaise, and thus differ from the Hedebo holes by being overcast around the edges instead of using Danish buttonhole stitches
• The contrast between the ”Baldyring” fillings and the entwined lines of the cut work Hedebo