4.2 decorative towel

4.2 pyntehåndklæde

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TYPE: decorative towel
TECHNIQUE: baldyring, cut work Hedebo
Decorative towel with cut work Hedebo and ”Baldyring”. The two variations interact nicely. The embroidery is sewn in a wide border at the top and a narrow border at the bottom. The top border is divided into several borders by H hemstitch and four-sided hemstitch. The two narrow borders have a row of tulip- like flowers embroidered in cut work Hedebo. ”Baldyring” dominates the lower border, but cut work Hedebo is a part of the leaves, which are placed in the outermost
corners. A bought fringe is attached to the lowest part of the decorative towel. The monogram refers to Maren Andersdatter, born in 1834 in Karlslunde.


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Please note
• The relationship and the contrast between ”Baldyring” and cut work Hedebo
• How the two identical tulip borders are filled with stiletto holes and cut spaces with a cross bar of threads
• The Hedebo rings with needle lace in the cut leaves around the rosettes under the initials, and in the two tulips in the corners
• The effect of the fine beading loops in the thick marguerite-
like flower in the lowest border