4.1 shirt

4.1 skjorte

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TYPE: shirt
TECHNIQUE: baldyring
Shirt with ”Baldyring” on the collar, shoulders and cuffs. The shoulder piece is sewn with ”Baldyring” on a separate piece of fabric, which is attached to the shirt later and ends neatly at the neck. The pattern consists of flowers, vines and leaves around ”Baldyring” fillings, and stiletto holes, symmetrically lined up in the middle of the collar and cuffs. The cuffs are decorated with a narrow Hedebo edge, consisting of several rows of scallops with beading loops and picots.

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Please note
• The pleats at the top of the shoulder are kept in place by back stitching and knots
• The embroidered button placed on the collar. It consists of a ring embroidered with Danish buttonhole stitch. In the middle is the classic cross used to attach the button to the clothes
• The embroidery stands out clearly, even though it is a perforated ”Baldyring” filling lined with fabric
• The embroidery on the collar is placed on the top side, which suggests that the collar is not designed to be turned up but to fold over the waistcoat and jumper