3.1 shirt

3.1 skjorte

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TYPE: shirt
TECHNIQUE: hvidsøm, square cut work
Shirt with ”Hvidsøm” on the collar, shoulder and sleeves. The ”Hvidsøm” is sewn on a separate piece of fabric and afterwards attached to the shirt. There are small areas of square cut work and cross stitching. The cuffs are embroidered with fillings where threads have been laid on top of the fabric instead of being drawn out as in ”Hvidsøm” fillings. The cuffs are finished in Hedebo edge with dense rows of Danish buttonhole stitch. On the shoulders there are squares, which look like square cut work, both in the small flower and between the two large flowers. Actually this is needle weaving as used in Baldyring”.

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Please note
• The rich embroidery on the reverse side of the collar, which suggests an upturned collar
• The small, closely wrinkled pieces held in place by chain stitching and smocking in the area from the embroidered shoulder pieces to the collar
• The four-sided stitching along the edge of the front opening, which continues round the bottom of the opening, and is embroidered with needle lace in buttonhole stitch
• The monogram sewn with red cross stitch in shifting directions