2.2 decorative towel


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TYPE: decorative towel
TECHNIQUE: counted thread work, square cut work
Decorative towel with counted thread work and square cut work. This is made of four equal pieces of fabric sewn together. A purchased fringe was added to the bottom piece. The top border has a pattern of three large squared areas filled with a well composed mixture of square cut work and counted thread work. The border in the middle contains the central motif: two big lions and two women around a tree of life. Above and below the two upper main borders is wide, woven hemstitching surrounded by a narrow woven hemstitch and a zigzag hemstitch respectively. The lowest border has a cross as its central motif and along its sides a stylish flower arrangement surrounded by birds.

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Pyntehåndklæde Pyntehåndklæde
Pyntehåndklæde Pyntehåndklæde

Please note
• The square cut work border in the middle with all the small counted thread work patterns which the needlewoman
used to fill out empty areas
• The small oblong holes in the lowest wide square cut work border
• The monogram sewn with eyelets and surrounded by red and blue cross stitching
• The stars in the counted thread work of the narrow borders