2.1 shirt


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TYPE: shirt
TECHNIQUE: square cut work
Shirt with square cut work on collar, cuffs, and shoulders. The shoulder pattern is sewn on a finer fabric than that of the shirt. There are no patterns along the edge of the front opening, but there is a square cut work border along the full length of the shoulder piece. The pattern is simple and consists of eight- pointed stars, crosses and small squares within larger squares, which we recognise from counted thread work. The borders of the collar and the cuffs are identical and both have a Hedebo edge consisting of dense rows of Danish buttonhole stitch finished with a row of picots.

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2.1 skjorte 2.1 skjorte 2.1 skjorte 2.1 skjorte

Please note
•    There is more embroidery on the reverse side of the collar than on the top side. The collar is designed to be turned up
•    The sewn buttons at the neck and the cuffs. They consist of a ring of threads, oversewn by Danish buttonhole stitch and provided with a buttonhole bar to which the buttons can be tightly sewn
•    At the bottom of the front opening,  bars of threads oversewn like a plain whipped hemstitch
•    The monogram and its characteristic blue cross stitching