10.8 collar

10.8 krave

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TYPE: collar
TECHNIQUE: cut work Hedebo
Collar in finer fabric with cut work Hedebo and French embroidery from the period 1910-1925. This collar is the most recent of all the exhibited collars. It is different in many ways from the peasant collar above, and is likely to have been embroidered from a pattern sample from the company Oehlenschlægers Eftf. The embroidery of the cut out spaces is very plain beading loops, scallops, and points made with linen thread. Here there are many similarities with the embroidery of the peasant collar, but it lacks its variety. The French embroidery is done with mercerised cotton thread, which is also used for the scallops, which are embroidered with laid blanket stitches. The collar was made by an experienced needlewoman.

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Please note
• The large vigorous motifs in the ‘corners’ on the shift’s collar are replaced with a tight and calm embroidery
• The designer, as shown by the pointy ovals, was inspired by the old embroideries
• The vines and flowers with stiletto holes of the old collar (10.7) are replaced true example of a heavy French embroidery, and by circular spaces with beading loops
• The needle lace at the edge of the old collar is replaced by precise and beautifully stitched scallops