10.7 collar

10.7 krave

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TYPE: collar
TECHNIQUE: cut work Hedebo
Collar cut off a shift and embroidered with cut work Hedebo. The shape indicates that the collar was embroidered in the middle of the 19th century. Between the cut out flowers and half rosettes, there are vines and leaves of outline stitch and satin stitch, combined with stiletto holes. The fillings are mainly tilted scallops and beading loops. The collar is edged with a needle lace, consisting of 280 Hedebo rings. Inside the rings, beading loops and three points are embroidered, and on the outside larger point thread ends are used to make Hedebo wheels consisting of eight rings.

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Please note
• The centre ring of the drop-like open space in the tulip motif at the centre of the collar was added after the other fillings
• In the leaves on each side of the tulips, and in the tree-shaped cut spaces below the half rosettes in the corners, buttonhole bars cross the cut spaces, thus making the filling look like ”Baldyring”
• The many stiletto holes, which are used as flower buds as well as in and alongside the flower vines
• The Hedebo wheels were joined in a long row before they were attached to the collar