10.6 collar

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TYPE: collar
TECHNIQUE: cut work Hedebo, Hedebo edge
Collar with cut work Hedebo and a Hedebo edge. The pattern composition is vigorous, unrestrained, and a stylish mixture. The needlewoman used all the available shapes of cut work Hedebo fillings she could think of. The many rosettes consist of round, leaf-shaped, and heart-shaped cut spaces with fillings combined with stiletto holes. The needle lace consists of beading loops, K border and points, some of them with picots. The embroidered lace consists of tilted scallops and a row of large ‘wheels’. Inside the wheels, a so-called ‘spider’ is embroidered. The collar is likely to be from around 1900.

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Please note
• The stiletto holes and the satin stitching are embroidered with somewhat thicker cotton thread than the rest
• The rosettes of the needle lace are made of an unusually large ring in the middle, with 8 points on the edge connected by beading loops
• The rosettes are sewn to a row of tilted scallops at the collar’s edge, and are connected at the ends by a row of scallops
• The tightly filled leaves in the scallops on the sides, and along the straight edge at the bottom