10.5 collar

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TYPE: collar
TECHNIQUE: cut work Hedebo
Collar with cut work Hedebo. The form of the collar suggests that it was embroidered in the period 1865-1880. If one compares the fine French embroidery under the lancet shaped leaves, done by a skilful needlewoman , with the more shaky satin stitches between the spaces along the edge, the question arises of whether this collar was stitched by several needlewomen, or by the same needlewoman with several years in between. In the centre of the back, a large round cut space, filled with Hedebo rings with points, can be seen. This also deviates technique-wise from the filling of the other spaces.

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Please note
• The ”Baldyring” -like squares in the tulips. They are woven over by thread both horizontally and vertically, after which the spaces are filled, which at first glance might be mistaken for ”Baldyring”
• The collar is finished all around with diagonal scallops, decorated on their edges with picots
• The many cut shapes and different techniques, which together create a bewilderment of styles