10.3 collar

10.3 krave

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TYPE: collar
TECHNIQUE: reverse cut work Hedebo
Collar in ”reverse cut work Hedebo”. The concept of needle lace is clearly seen here. It is the same technique as is used to fill out the spaces in cut work Hedebo, but here it is the needle lace which holds the collar together. The collar consists of eight oakleaf-like pieces of fabric, alternating with seven pieces of a different leaf shape. The pieces are joined by needle lace in a very thin thread. A ribbon constitutes the inner edge of the collar. Alongside the scalloped edge of the collar is a row of a K border. Due to the fine thread used, the collar stands out like bobbin work. ”Reverse cut work Hedebo” and this collar type were likely to have been embroidered around 1850-1865.

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Please note
• The two leaf types were first embroidered with cut work Hedebo, then cut out and assembled with needle lace embroidery
• The small point inside the beading loops of the small leaves
• The edge of the collar is narrow needle lace
• The ribbon up against the neck